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Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Object  Weight in air  Apparent weight in water  Buoyant force   Pulley weight in air     Length of string

1             10 N                            9 N                            1 N                  I didn't do it            I didn't do it

2             5 N                              4 N                            1 N                  I didn't do it            I didn't do it

3             2 N                           1.75 N                        0.25 N               I didn't do it            I didn't do it

4             1 N                           0.75 N                        0.25 N               I didn't do it            I didn't do it

5             0.5 N                       0.375 N                      0.125 N              I didn't do it            I didn't do it

6             0.2 N                       0.125 N                      0.075 N              I didn't do it            I didn't do it

7             0.15 N                    0.0625 N                    0.0875 N             I didn't do it            I didn't do it

8             0.1 N                     0.03125 N                   0.06875 N           I didn't do it            I didn't do it

9             0.05 N                   0.01025 N                   0.03975 N           I didn't do it            I didn't do it
I didn't do pulley weight in air and length of string because I didn't have a time to do it.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Cinch:Electric Charge

How to bend water???

1. Read and complete lab safety form.
2. Inflate balloon, and tie the endWith permanent marker, draw an X on one side of the balloon.
3. Your partner holds funnel over large bowl and pours cup of water through the funnelAs the water gently flowsbring the balloon as close to the stream of water as you can without getting it wetRecord your observations in your Science Journal.
4. Nextrub the side of the balloon on your sweater, and then hold the balloon next to the spot where you rubbedObserve the interaction between your sweater and the balloonRecord your observations.
5. Rub the side of the balloon against your sweater againImmediately repeat step 3.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Starting Point - Parent’s Room

  1. North 24 steps
  2. East 25 steps
  3. North 34 steps
  4. West 11 steps
  5. North 15 steps
  6. West 3 steps
  7. South 14 steps
  8. West 13 steps
  9. South 12 steps
  10. West 1 step

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Light Lab

Activity A: 
 1. look at the monitor
 3.  work with another group—put a colour paddle 
flashlight, shine on white paper—so a red, a green, 
and a blue
 Activity b
 3.  view white paper through colour paddles—record 
 4.  view coloured objects through colour paddles

j5.  if you have time, do activity b—color by 


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Crystallization Lab

1.Put a milk into a zip lock.
2.Place it in the basket but put it at the edge.
3.Put ice into a basket.
4.Use something to squeeze it.
5.Squeeze until it froze slightly and then put a topping in it.
6.Squeeze it until it froze and then eat it.

1)  why do we add salt to the ice?
To make the temperature of ice drop.
2)   why do we add the cookies and other things, only after the milk has frozen slightly
If we add topping when it is not frozen ice cream will freeze slower and when we add when it froze it will not mix.
3)  what are two factors that affect the freezing you think?
Temperature and when we use something to squeeze it. 
4)  why do you need a bit of air in the bag?
To make the ice cream froze faster.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Volume and Density Lab

sample no.          Weight Grams          Volume Ml          Density
2                         135.9                        57                        2.38
Displaying IMG_25600601_091101.jpg
12                       146.94                      50                        2.94
Displaying IMG_25600601_092251.jpg
6                         110.6                        50                        2.21
Displaying IMG_25600601_092258.jpg
1                         125.9                        46                        2.74
Displaying IMG_25600601_092418.jpg
7                         243.8                        68.5                     3.56
Displaying IMG_25600601_093114.jpg
11                       98.5                          50                        1.97
Displaying IMG_25600601_093117.jpg
5                         114.7                        50                        2.29
Displaying IMG_25600601_093811.jpg
3                         46                             50                        0.92
Displaying IMG_25600601_093806.jpg
Displaying IMG_25600601_095344.jpg9                         200.4                        71                        2.82

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Impact of society on environment

Impact of society on environment

People don't take care of the environment because when people use environment resources and then they destroy the environment by building some factory or other building and then people need to destroy an environment to build it.

People Impact environment in many ways such as making a pollution into the atmosphere and then it fall down as an acid rain and then the acid rain can destroy a marble house or a stone statue.